Scyllis Balian

A dark naga in search of the power to restore his serpentine glory.


Formerly an adviser to the great dragon queen Kytharna, Scyllis was discovered as a traitor by the fearsome queen. He was stripped of his powers and of his naga body and transformed into a serpent-like human. It was a ritual that shamed Scyllis amongst the sphinxes, hags, and other powerful monstrosities allied to Kytharna. But still, he lived, and he found himself in a distant land full of snow.

With nowhere to go, Scyllis found work in a mercenary guild, and rose to power using his charm and manipulation. He formed a squadron of the fiercest females in the guild. With his trusted frog companion Parnella, Scyllis served with the mercenary guild until they were given orders by the Emperor to find the Orb of Sofmaugh.

Scyllis Balian

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